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Easy Ways To Make Your Asperger's Child's Dental Visit Go Well

by Hector Holland

If it's time for your Asperger's child to go in for their annual dental exam, you should learn about some of the different ways you can make the experience a more pleasant one. The tips below will help you and your child to get through their appointment without as much stress as you may be expecting.

Set the appointment for the right time

Try to set the appointment for a time when there will be a shorter wait, such as right after lunch. Also, choose a time right after your child has had some physical activity, such as riding their bike. This will help them to be in a calmer mood.

Bring their weighted blanket

If your child has a weighted blanket, you should make it a point to bring it to the dentist with them. They can cover with it in the waiting room and the dental chair to help calm their nerves.

Have procedures done to you first

If it's alright with the dentist, see if you can have some of the things done to you first so your child can watch and know what to expect. While actual procedures may not be able to be done, you can sit in the chair and the dentist can look in your mouth to help your child feel more secure.

Explain everything to your child

Both you and the dentist should explain everything before its being done. The dentist should allow your child to touch the equipment before it is used on them and take the time to explain how it works. Make sure the dentist knows to warn your child before they turn on any equipment that's going to shine a light or make a noise.

Set the chair back ahead of time

Your child won't like having the chair moved backward while they are in it. Therefore, it should be adjusted before your child gets in it.

Create a safer-feeling space

While the dentist will need light to work, see if they can compromise on the amount of light since your child won't like having very bright lights shined at their face. Also, see if the number of people interacting with your child can be kept to a small number.

Taking extra steps to help your child feel safe and secure will make the dental appointment go much smoother for you, your child and the staff at the dental office. For more information, speak to a dentist like those at Dr Tupman Family Dentistry. Most dentists will be more than happy to accommodate your needs.